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Not Ready to Buy Your Martin, TN Home?

Moore Real Estate Company Rental UnitsEven with the market being very favorable for buying a home in Martin or in another one of our towns in NWTN, renting a home or apartment in today's economy might be the smarter choice for you.  In case you didn't know, there are benefits to renting a home in Martin, and it all depends on your unique situation.

When Renting May Be the Better Option for You:

Here is a list of top two reasons renting a home can be a better choice for you right now than buying a home in Martin.

  1. More Flexibility.  If you are just moving to Martin, TN or another one of the towns in NWTN, you may have decided that you want to consider renting a Martin or NWTN home until you get to know the area a little bit better.   This flexibility gives you time to survey the Martin and NWTN housing market and the area.  In today's homebuying market, many people move to Martin, TN and the NWTN area for new job opportunities.  These newcomers will often move to our area while their spouse or significant other stays behind to sell a house in the old location or finish job responsiblities.  Renting a home or apartment in Martin, TN or the area may be the best short-term solution for immediate housing instead of becoming a Martin homebuyer.
  2. Better Financial Standing. Some people have not accumulated enough funds for a downpayment or are just not ready for the responsibility of owning their own home in Martin, TN.  Renting a Martin, TN home could be a better option over buying if you find yourself in this situation. Remember, in today's Martin, TN real estate market, if you're thinking about selling your home much has to be taken into consideration.  For many, renting a Martin home might provide greater flexibility until you're ready for a more secure housing situation.  Mortgages have become more challenging to obtain especially with the recent foreclosure challenges. This means the requirements to obtain a mortgage is more demanding.  When buying a Martin home, much depends on your credit and the amount of money you have for a down payment.  It might be better to rent for a few years, build up your down payment (plus closing cost), so when you do decide to buy a Martin or NWTN home, you will immediately have some equity in your purchase.

Owning a home in Martin just isn't for everyone. Yes, the American dream of home ownership is very valid, but it should happen when the timing is right for you. Along with all the positive benefits to owning a home in Martin or in NWTN, it's important to understand the new challenges inherent to owning a home. For many, renting a Martin home is a smarter choice at present and means a simpler lifestyle.  Our local rental market in Martin and the area is always changing, and it is important to have the most up-to-date information if you are considering rentingContact us when you are ready to start the process.

Owning a Martin, TN home has many benefits, but renting has many positives as well. You should decide for yourself based on your situation what's your best option. For people with transient or unstable jobs, financial concerns, or limited resources, renting is a good decision. Martin, TN home ownership is a big decision, and should not be entered into lightly. That's why it's important you sit down with a member of the Moore Real Estate Company  Real Estate team to determine what's best for you. Contact us and get started planning your next step. 

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